Porto-sul is an off-shore port projected to be the third largest port in Brazil with estimated cargo flow of 60 million tons in 10 years. Its construction, in Ilheus-BA, is part of the Federal Investment Agenda (PAC) and it will be integrated with main other infrastructure investments, namely: the East West railway; the GASENE gas pipeline; and, the Ilheus International Airport.


The Ilheus International Airport is projected to have an airstrip of 3.000 m x 45m in a total area of 8.500.000 m2 – 11x larger than the current airport. The master plan and studies on environmental impacts have been concluded by the aviation authority and it's currently under the public bidding process.​

FIOL (West-East Integration Railway)

The FIOL Railway is a key rail corridor connecting the inland to the ocean at the new port of Ilhéus – Porto-sul. With a total length of 1100 km, it represents an important alternative for the logistics of grains, ores, and the agro-industrial production of the states of Tocantins, Bahia and the entire Central-East and Northeast regions.


Improvements on the main highways connecting Ilhéus are being conducted, the list includes: BR-415 Ilhéus – Itabuna; BR-135 to MG; BR 235 northeast; and BR 430 southwest.

Receita Federal - IRS

In order to streamline and facilitate customs control and loads clearance, a special office of IRS will be located inside the premises of the EPZ.

Malhado Port

One of the oldest and most important ports in Brazil – especially regarding the cocoa exploration, the Malhado Port has a total length for docking of 2.262m in which 432 m constitute the quay with total capacity for mooring three ships. The storage area is constituted by 2 warehouses (8.000 m2 each), 2 container parks (total area of 20.500 m2) and 6 vertical silos (total capacity of 12.800 t.).